Author Interview Deepak Kumar Pandey

Book: A Journey Steps to Success
Interests: Reading, writing, travelling and working on new ideas
Birth Place: Basti, Uttar Pradesh
Hobbies: Gardening, Cooking.

Q.1 Many congratulations on your wonderful book A Journey: Steps to Success, Deepak! What response are you getting on your maiden work from the readers? Please share your experience with us.

Deepak Pandey: When I published my first book “A Journey: Steps to success”. I got lovely response and support from my friends, colleague and family members. My book successfully got delivered in more than 13 cities in India. I got so many requests from North India that kindly publish this book in Hindi language also. So I started to work on it and it has been released on 1st Jan 2018.

Q3. Tell us about your writing career?

Deepak Pandey: Journey was not much easy as I thought so when I discussed with my publisher and we had finalized the deal. Then I told to one of my roommate about this. After hearing he started laughing at me and I was bit nervous but I never stopped myself to write my book. Due to delay from my end releasing date got postponed twice. So some of my friend thought that just I am pranking by creating such banner with the help of some photo editor. Even when I got my book released, the same day one of my friend asked.

“What is this bro ? is it real or photo editing in facebook .

From all tough time, Finally time came to smile and I released my first book “A journey: Steps to success” on 6-Sep-2018.

This is how my publishing journey was.

Q4. What is Success according to you?

Deepak Pandey: Success is continuous Journey and it changes person to person. So for a child success is to get a toy of his dream, for a businessman to earn more money before they die, for an Author success is to become a famous writer. Success parameter is not same for everyone.

Q5. Tell us about your writing career?

Deepak Pandey: What I believe is that if you have already published your book and working on other books, so readers always matter. Their love, support, feedback for your book makes you more motivated to write.

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