Book Review: A Journey Steps to Success

Author: Deepak Kumar Pandey
Genre: Non-Fiction/ Motivational
Paperback: Amazon

My review

This book is dedicated to those youth, who all belongs to a poor family but they have some big dream. They want to achieve it. “Success does not need more investment. It needs your burning desire only.”

The book A Journey: Steps to Success has been released not only in India but all over the world and the book has been receiving a great response from the readers and book critics alike. The book helps us understand the struggle we deal with in our present life which is only taking us towards something great.

The Book A Journey: Steps to Success deals with the times we struggle, times we set goals, times we fail, times when we thought of quitting and what not… A Journey to success is what this book really is.

Author has given great teachings in this book he describes every situation of life with examples which you may have faced in real life, the connection is there the way author has written this book every word can be felt.

The story of a poor boy is the first chapter. Author has shared a story of a boy who he met during the time he was traveling to Delhi, the story has its moments this chapter itself made me emotional, though I just started reading it, the ups and downs of the boy gives chills like oh my… people suffer a lot but it’s their burning desire that keeps them going, hang in there guys your time will come.

Author describes about struggle in our life, he sells his point convincingly about the myth and real struggle. What I learned is that accepting our fate that we have such situations we would struggle it’s our fate we can’t do anything is what makes people to suffer even more we should be patient and try to find our ways out of it, learning is the key and continuous efforts as well.

The book is inspiring, definitely motivating and the one you might be looking for. In each chapter you will find something similar in your life, he talks about “Dreams and Goals” that dreams should be SMART. You should be positive towards life. What you give will come back to you, be positive, work on your goal, be patient and see the result it’s all about your burning desire.

A Journey: Steps to Success is filled with great stories as well as formulas towards success. I will advise all the readers of this review please read the book by Deepak Kumar Pandey and learn for yourself. Despite being his debut work, you will appreciate the writing style of author while reading you will definitely start connecting it to yourself and also you might be doing some things wrong in your life but don’t you worry my friend Author Deepak understands what youth is going through and helps us with his writing. Readers have a happy reading!


In my personal opinion it deserves 3.5/5 for the debut book. You as a reader should surely give it a read! You can get Deepak Kumar Pandey’s book in the Kindle as well as Google books edition for quick and portable read or get the physical book, which is quite attractive, delivered to your doorstep and treat yourself with a good read (at least for 3-4 days).

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