Calculate Book Price & Royalty

Literature’s light publishing offers 100% royalty for books. Use the below calculator to estimate the production cost and calculate the approximated royalty for books in India.

Production Cost



*This is the exact production cost for online sales, No added taxes.
*For offline copies order or bulk orders, subsidized cost: Production Cost + Rs.10
The minimum number of author copies per order is 05. (Delivery cost & 18% GST will be added per order.)

Calculate Royalty



*Production cost is for Black and White interior book only.
*No added taxes, this is the exact royalty authors will be getting on per book sale.

Have Any Questions?

How to get started?

Once you have completed the registration process then one of our publishing consultants will reach you via your provided details and will guide you further.

How long will it take to publish a book?

We believe in planned release hence it may take 20-30 days to publish a book.

What are the Distribution platforms?

Our distribution platforms include - Amazon (India), Amazon worldwide: like USA, UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy (through,,,,, and, Flipkart, Kindle, Google Play, Google Books, Literatureslight store etc.

What is 100% Royalty?

When Publishing with Literatueslight Publishing authors get 100% royalty on each sell. The profit = MRP – Distribution Commission – Production Cost. Distribution Commission for Indian Online Channels is 45% of MRP.

How can I purchase more copies?

Authors can order their books whenever they want, they only have to pay production and shipping cost for the order. Copies will be delivered within 8-10 working days.
Calculation: Production Cost + Rs.10 + Delivery cost +18% GST)
Ex. A order of 5 copies of a 100 page book of 5x8 size will cost: 5 copies x {Rs.61.36(Pr cost) + Rs.10} = Rs.356.8 + Rs.210(Shipping tentative) + 18% GST, Grand Total= Rs.669/-.

What happens after I register?

After registration and confirmation of the opted services – You would have to sign a contract to kick start the process. Also, we collect inputs for manuscript formatting and cover designing.

Who retains the copyright of my book?

Since it’s you are self publishing the book, you own the copyright of your book.

What is POD?

Unlike, traditional publishers who print the book in bulk and charge heavy fees to authors. Literatueslight Publishing provide authors POD technique(Print On Demand); in POD we keep your book and print copies only on demand which reduces cost burden of printing bulk copies at one go.

What is Minimum Selling Price and MRP?

Minimum Selling Price refers to the least selling price of your book on the basis of production cost and Distribution Commission. Higher MRP will get you higher royalty.

Where will I get my Royalties?

Royalties will be paid on monthly basis; we will transfer the amount directly to your registered bank account. Authors can track their sales on Author Dashboard.

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