Author Interview Rozy Paul

Book: Laulyam: An Intense Desire with 20 Poems
Genre: Poetry
Interests: Reading books, Listening soothing music.
Birth Place: Dibrugarh ,Assam India.
Hobbies: Gardening, Cooking.

Q1. Many congratulations on your wonderful book An Intense Desire with 20 Poems, Rozy! What response are you getting on your maiden work from the readers? Please share your experience with us.

Rozy S. Paul: Thank you for the questions and your appreciation. Dear team!

I got positive response from readers. They liked my book because it is quite different from as usual. They liked my choice of words and writing style too. When they read the book they found themselves in between as their own feelings were painted in a paper called heart.

Q2. How would you like to define your journey as a poet? Be descriptive please so that our visitors know about your writing career a little more.

Rozy S. Paul: I started my writing when I was in 4th standard. Although the piece of paper was back page of work book or in-between class work copy. Later I started writing in diary. Writing is my blood and writing is my breath. I love to juggle with words. Yes, I can say poetry is my strength. Poetry which defines me. Poetry is my heart and soul. Sometimes poetry waves in me and sometimes I drowned as crazy lass in the lap of poetry.

Q3. Ma’am tell us about your career as a bhakti yoga practitioner how you choose it to be your career?

Rozy S. Paul:Frankly speaking, this is not my career at all.Professionaly I am a teacher and I do my daily work as others do but my works are revolves around God conscious. I am not independent like this material nature people. I am a dependent soul to Lord and I work according to his accordance. I don’t desire any fruits of my karma. My karma, conscious is for my Krishna conscious where one getting higher taste, not mere a job, money or prestige. But to taste it one has to practice bhakti yoga on regular basis.

Q4. Your very first book, Laulyam, An intense desire with 20 poems, talks about love. How it’s about serving lord, what encouraged you to write these poetries?

Rozy S. Paul: Yes, my book all about Love. But that is not mundane love where people fall for girls, guy, homo, gay, lesbian, transgender and many more. But my book talks about love which is beyond bodily concept and love between devotee and supreme personality Godhead! As a devotee serving lord is devotion of love. And his unconditional love. His giving nature forced me write.

Q5. Who are your favourite poets?

Rozy S. Paul:Jayadeva Goswami, a sanskrit poet during 12th century, Pablo Neruda, Bob Dylan and Mark Knoppler.

Q6. What is your current goal in writing career?

Rozy S. Paul: I love to play with words. Definitely I will come up with some better projects.

Q7. Any messagefor the readers?

Rozy S. Paul: It’s my request to book lovers please read my book. Rare one. Where you get some different taste of mixture of love, compassion, devotion. Mixture of language with English, Sanskrit and Bengali. I can ensure this is the first book which cater different mood with mixed of language in the form of poetry.

Q8. Ma’am are you working on some new projects too? Let us know about the same.

Rozy S. Paul: It’s too early to speak up about this but definitely many projects on card.

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