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Book Publishing Services in India

Literature’s light Publishing provides cheapest book publishing services to new emerging Authors in India. We are helping writers to become self published authors. We have book publishing services which full fills the requirement of becoming a self-published author. We provide a range of services such as editing, formatting, cover design, and global distribution, making it easy for authors to publish and promote their work. Feel free to contact us for your queries.


Manuscript editing & Proofreading.


Self Publishing and traditional publishing.


Book promotion and marketing services.


Copy Editing & Proofreading

Our editing team will go through the complete manuscript of your book; this also involves checking and correcting the grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting of a manuscript, as well as checking for consistency and clarity. Our editors understand that the value of a document depends on its ability to attract the reader and to convey the intended message you actually want. During this process our editing team will provide comments regarding changes which they make or suggest.


Comprehensive Editing & PR

Comprehensive editing and proofreading is a more extensive version of the traditional copy editing and proofreading process. Comprehensive editing includes all the tasks of copy editing, as well as more in-depth analysis of the manuscript's content, structure, and style. Our editor will provide a comment on your manuscript discussing larger issues in your book (if any); which includes revising sentences or paragraphs, and making suggestions to improve the overall readability and flow of the manuscript.


Govt. Copyright

The best way to secure your work; Copyright is necessary for several reasons. It provides authors and creators with financial incentives to create and publish new works by giving them the ability to control and profit from their creations. Copyright also helps to protect the rights of creators against unauthorized use of their work, such as plagiarism or piracy. Govt. Copyright ensures full security of your book. A copyright certificate also serves as a public record of the copyright claim, which can be useful in the event of a dispute over ownership of the work. We assure that right of your book stays with you only.


Basic Interior Designing

Basic Book Designing is a service for books having plain text such as fiction novels & poetries. It includes some basic styling of books like designing of header & footer, paragraph spacing, line spacing, margin setting etc. Images/ Tables are not accepted.


Advanced Interior Designing

Advanced Interior Designing is a service for books having complex text such as Academic, Children books. These books require special formatting and more efforts to design. /images/ tables/ illustrations are accepted and designed in a professional way.


Basic Cover Designing

In Basic Cover Designing, we will design the cover by observing theme of your book. You can send us standard templates, stock images and suggest suitable font & styling. You can also provide clicked photo for cover. (copyright free.) Basic Cover Designing comes with two rounds of modification.

We understand that writing a book is a labor of love and we are here to help you make it the best it can be. Our team of experienced editors and proofreaders are dedicated to ensuring your manuscript is polished and ready for publication. We also offer government copyright registration services to protect your work and give you the legal rights to reproduce, distribute and sell your book. Our cover design team will work with you to create a stunning cover that will grab the attention of readers. Once your book is ready, we will assist you with online distribution, making it easy for your book to reach a wider audience. Our book publishing services will make your publishing journey much easier.


Advanced Cover Designing

Advanced Cover Deigning is a service for authors who want their covers be designed as per their requirements and suggestions. We design cover which will reflect the content of the book as well as writing of an Author. Advanced Cover Deigning comes with multiple rounds of modification.


Indian Online Distribution

When your book is published we will list it in all leading online sales channels including Amazon India, Flipkart etc. We will also list your book on our Online Book Store where you will get maximum benefit on each sell.


International Online Distribution

We will list it in in all the leading online retailers and shops across the world in 100+ Countries Online sales channels -,,,,,,,,,,, etc, Goodreads.


E-Book Distribution

We will make sure your book is available in e-book format too since it’s a new trend of reading books. E-book can be read in mobile, tablet & laptops etc. We will also list your book in E-book format in our Book Store where you will get maximum benefit on each sell. Online sales channels -,,,,,,,,, Google Play/ Books etc.


Author Interview Feature

We take interest in conducting author interviews and present those conversations to our readers. Author Interview gets published on Blogs/ Website/ Journals as well as on different social media platforms to boost popularity.


Author Website

An author website is a compelling way to promote; it will surely help you brand yourself as an Author. It is the platform from where your readers will get to know about you and your book. We provide one-year of free hosting and domain with website designing. Our developers will make sure your website looks professional and has strong SEO (search engine optimization).

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