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Literature’s light is the premier provider of book promotion and book marketing services in India. Our team of experienced professionals has a proven track record of helping authors increase visibility, boost sales, and reach their target audience. From social media campaigns and book reviews, to email marketing and press releases, we have the tools and expertise to take your book to the next level. Trust us to help you get your book in front of the right people and build a strong, engaged readership.

Strong Web Presence

A strong web presence is beneficial for authors because it allows them to connect with readers, build their brand, and promote their work. Having an active and engaging website or social media accounts is very useful, it lets readers connect to the author. A strong web presence can help authors to increase their visibility and make it easier for readers to find their books online. It is a great way to promote your book.  

Author Website

An author website can also provide a platform to share updates, news and upcoming releases with their readers. It allows the author to have control over the message and branding of their work. It is a great investment for a long run. It is a place where readers can go to learn more about the author and their work, as well as purchase or find information on where to buy their books.

List of Book Promotion Services


Book Reviews

Our book reviews strategy is quite simple we have connections with book critics, they will generate reviews which will be shared on Blogs/ Website/ Journals as well as on different social media platforms to boost popularity.

Page Managers

Keeps your page active with consistent posts. Get likes and shares for posts, boost popularity of the page. Promotion with custom posters (2 Posts daily). Social Media Booster: Get likes for your page, mass invites or Shares; boost needed popularity.

Video Trailer

A video trailer of your book based on the theme of your book is shared on different social media platforms. The video trailer will be designed professionally by our team so that it can attract readers.


Book Contest/ Give Aways

Host book contests on page or give aways for book promotion. Generates popularity.

Book Fair

Get your book available at Book fairs. Book fairs play a vital role in publishing as it brings authors, publishers, distributors and book lovers together it’s a perfect platform for book marketing.

Physical Book Distribution

Physical Book Distribution is a service which helps authors to sell their book at stores all over India.

Literature’s light is a leading book promotion company in India, here we specialize in helping authors increase visibility for their books. We offer a variety of services including book reviews, interviews, social media marketing, and author website creation. Our team of experts will work with you to create a customized promotion plan that fits your goals and budget. With our help, your book will reach a wider audience and gain the recognition it deserves. We are based in India and have a wide network of contacts in the publishing industry. Our goal is to help authors in India to promote their books and reach the readers.


KDP account Setup

Get yourself a Kindle Direct Publishing acct and sell your book worldwide. Full guidance is provided so that you can learn the secrets of KDP publishing. Book interior and cover is provided by us + whole tutorial is given to the author.


Learn from the experts of the field, improve your writing skills- plot, pacing, characterization. Learn the secrets of publishing industry, learn how to market- what audience to target. We will teach you techniques which will allow you to become a best selling author. 30 days workshop.

Wikipedia Page

An author Wikipedia page helps you maintain your online reputation, help you get more exposure, and improve credibility in the ever-so-crowded and ever-so-competitive market.

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