Does Second Love Exist by Arshita Sharma

Does Second Love Exist by Arshita Sharma


The Crimson Amulet by Adriana Girolami

The Crimson Amulet by Adriana Girolami, Williamsji Maveli (Translator)

Whims and Fancies by Williamsji Maveli


Pages: 166, 6×9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

ISBN: 9789391301699
Paperback: Rs.270 (Delivery in 10-15 working days)
Ebook: Rs.149 (click here to order, delivery within 24 Hours via mail)

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Once you know all life theories, the treatment of the story thread of this novel, actions of the vivid characters and their structure and situation, you simply sit down and imagine about human life. Once you have a first draft novel, continue to rework and redraft the novel until you feel you have something that could be successfully made into a complete novel. This is one of the hardest parts of fiction writing because it involves being honest with yourself and learning to take criticism from the people you offer your script. Even if you have to throw the entire first draft away and start again, do it!..


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