Kumudini by Dr. Tara Singh

Kumudini by Dr. Tara Singh


Four Cuts by Sindhu Nandakumar

Four Cuts by Sindhu Nandakumar

Friends with Summer by Jyoti Singh


Pages: 236, 5×8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

ISBN: 9788195094578
Paperback: Rs.199 (delivery in 10-15 working days)
Ebook: Rs.99 (click here to order, delivery within 24 Hours via mail)

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How does it feel to finally have it all? You worked for countless days and nights, forgetting about everything else and making untold sacrifices in order to earn a life that was deemed perfect in every way. How does it feel to have it all taken away from you? What do you do then? When every self-concept that you’ve ever had shatters, what is left? Do you build yourself up again? Or do you finally find that someone who was waiting to be heard all along? Rayveena is a perfectionist young lady who has it all.

The looks, the drive, a nice job at one of the biggest companies. The college heartthrob is her boyfriend and the world’s sweetest girl is her best friend. But there’s something that she hides from the world and lives with that dark secret inside of her heart. It never leaves her side for a moment. It toppled her hard-earned, perfect world upside down and she lost herself. Moreover, she had some external influences that were weighing her down every step of the way. She had nowhere to seek refuge in so she rebelled.

This is the story of an ordinary person who found the extraordinary resolve in her soul to go past any obstacles and dead-ends in her life whether they were put by others or they were the result of her own ignorance. She embarks on a journey to find herself, piece by piece and this time, for the better. So much so that the whole world was awestruck. This is a witty, dramatic, romantic, mysterious and eventually inspirational story about the personal power that we all walk around with. It has subtle hints of the prevailing patterns in our society. You might just find your own story being reflected in hers.


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