Sky is the Limit by Williamsji Maveli

Sky is the Limit by Williamsji Maveli


Ek Duniya Bheetar Ki by Pallavi Solunke

Ek Duniya Bheetar Ki by Pallavi Solunke

Runes A Dual Poetic Bliss


Pages: 191, 6×9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

ISBN: 9788195094523
Paperback: Rs.320 (Delivery in 10-15 working days)
Ebook: Rs.150 (click here to order, delivery within 24 Hours via mail)

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The word RUNES means “alphabets” originally engraved on stones during ancient days. This is a collaborated, dual poetic bliss encasing selected exquisite verses penned down by two authors hailing from Kerala, God’s Own Country. The verses of Williamsji Maveli is a jubilation of life in rhythms and rhymes. In-between the two abyssal breathing space we take in life, we live lavishly throughout the pages of this book.

His poems captured most of them neatly in a gratifying style and shape, while the verses of Sindhu Nandakumar unveils before us her thoughts on varied stages of life, thought provoking experiences, ornaments of nature and relations. A mix of human emotions, her fabulous verses are a perfect mock tail of life. She is successful in freezing intermittent thoughts inked on a paper. All verses are a bittersweet experience for a reader. From the laughter that will echo to sudden outbursts of tears to a chance of losing yourself in deep thoughts; anything is possible. No doubt, this book is a dual blissful feel to readers powered by Innovative Authors International Form.


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