Whispers of Unspoken by Shriya Monga

Whispers of Unspoken by Shriya Monga


Navigating Knowledge by Renuka Bhardwaj

Navigating Knowledge by Renuka Bhardwaj

Embracing the Light by Anshu Kiran


Pages: 74, 5×8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

ISBN: 9789391301941
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Embracing the Light unfolds as a poignant prose, inviting readers into the intricate corridors of Grace’s journey through the shadows of depression. Grace, a resilient protagonist, grapples with the weight of depression, a heavy fog refusing to lift. The prose paints vivid portraits of her struggle – the isolation, relentless battles with self-doubt, and the seemingly insurmountable challenge of self-care.

Yet, amidst the darkness, a poetic resilience emerges. Grace confronts the profound complexities of mental health, weaving scholarly insights with poignant reflections, transcending the clinical to evoke a visceral understanding of the human condition. Each chapter is a poetic exploration, revealing the universality of emotional turmoil and the human spirit’s capacity for resilience.

“Embracing the Light” is more than a narrative; it is a literary sanctuary, inviting readers to traverse the delicate nuances of depression with empathy and compassion. Grace’s story becomes a mirror reflecting the collective struggles and triumphs of the human experience, reminding us that, even in the darkest moments, the flicker of hope can guide us toward healing.

About the author

Anshu Kiran, the luminary behind “Embracing the Light,” is a distinguished scholar holding a Ph.D. in gender studies, delving into the intricate repercussions of patriarchy on men. With World TESOL Academy certification, she serves as a global English language mentor and trainer, enriching lives through posh training and insightful workshops.

Kiran’s literary finesse extends beyond her book; three of her poems, poetic expressions of the human experience and death, grace different anthologies. Her verses weave a tapestry of emotions, exploring the often-neglected narratives of men with both scholarly acumen and poetic sensitivity.

“Embracing the Light” reflects Kiran’s profound understanding of the human psyche, offering an empathetic exploration of mental health complexities. Her expertise in gender studies provides a unique lens, unraveling the intersectionality of emotions and societal constructs. Kiran, more than an author, emerges as a compassionate guide dismantling stigmas around mental health. In the literary realm, she stands as a torchbearer, illuminating the transformative power of narrative for understanding, empathy, and healing.


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