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In conversation with Author Anshu Kiran

Author Interview Anshu Kiran

Congratulations on your debut book, ‘Embracing the Light: A Journey of Healing and Resilience.’ Could you share a bit about the journey of bringing this story to life?
Anshu Kiran:
Embarking on the creation of ‘Embracing the Light’ felt like baring my soul to the world. The journey was born from the crucible of personal battles with depression, a raw exploration of the shadows and the indomitable light within. Grace, the protagonist, became a vessel for my emotions, a conduit to share the struggles, the triumphs, and the healing. It’s more than a book; it’s a piece of my heart offered to those navigating similar storms, a testament to the belief that even in the darkest moments, there’s a path to embrace the light.

The book beautifully encapsulates Grace’s struggles with depression. How did you approach portraying the nuances of mental health and the challenges faced by the protagonist in a way that resonates deeply with readers?
Anshu Kiran:
Delving into Grace’s struggles with depression was a delicate dance with authenticity. I sought to unravel the complexities of mental health with empathy, portraying the ebb and flow of despair and hope. Grace’s journey mirrors the nuanced battles many face, and I aimed to weave a narrative that resonates universally. It was about embracing vulnerability, honoring the rawness of the experience, and, above all, fostering a connection with readers who may find solace and understanding within the pages.

Your expertise in gender studies adds a unique layer to the narrative. How does the intersectionality of gender roles and societal constructs influence the portrayal of mental health struggles in the book?
Anshu Kiran:
My expertise in gender studies has helped me to structure and understand the character Grace in a very psychological way and for the intersectionality of gender roles and societal constructs influence the portrayal of mental health struggles you have to wait for part 2 of this book.

“Embracing the Light” invites readers to understand depression with empathy and compassion. What key message or takeaway do you hope readers will gain from Grace’s story?
Anshu Kiran:
You are not alone and can always seek help. This book aspires to be a source of comfort, encouraging open conversations about mental health and dismantling the stigma that shrouds it.

Poetry seems to be an integral part of your expression, as seen in your book and anthology contributions. How does poetry serve as a vehicle for exploring emotions and themes related to mental health, particularly in Grace’s journey?
Anshu Kiran:
Poetry, like a gentle brushstroke, captures the nuances of pain, resilience, and the gradual emergence of light. It’s a vehicle that transcends traditional prose, offering an intimate connection between Grace’s internal struggles and the reader’s empathetic understanding.

As a global English language mentor and trainer, how do you believe language and communication impact discussions around mental health, and how does this influence your approach to writing about such sensitive topics?
Anshu Kiran:
Language is a beautiful tool when it comes to expression and communication. As humans we all have been gifted this virtue. It’s a bridge to understanding. So, let’s use in wisely to foster empathy, break stigma, and make these vital discussions universally relatable.

Where can readers order copies of ‘Embracing the Light’?
Anshu Kiran:
Well, you can order hard copies on Amazon, Flipkart, Google books and can also read it online on Amazon kindle.

Are you on social media? How can our readers reach you?
Anshu Kiran:

Thanks for your time! It was a pleasure talking to you about your book. I wish you best of luck for the future!
Anshu Kiran:
Thank you for your kind wishes! It’s been a pleasure sharing insights about “Embracing the Light.” I’m grateful for the opportunity, and I hope the book resonates with readers on their own journeys. Best wishes to you as well!

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