Time: The Infinite Currency by Shubham Sharma

Time: The Infinite Currency by Shubham Sharma


Embracing the Light by Anshu Kiran

Embracing the Light by Anshu Kiran

Whispers of Unspoken by Shriya Monga


Pages: 105, 5×8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

ISBN: 9789391301927
Paperback: Rs.250 + Shipping (ships in 10-15 working days)
Ebook: Rs.149(click here to order, will be delivered within 24 Working Hours)


In the profound tapestry of human emotions, “Whispers of Unspoken” intricately weaves a narrative that transcends the boundaries of storytelling, delving deep into the hidden recesses of unresolved traumas and their poignant impact on the delicate fabric of relationships.

This compelling journey unfolds through the lives of relatable characters, each grappling with the echoes of unspoken pain. The narrative skillfully navigates the complexities of emotional hurdles, offering readers an intimate look into the struggles that often go unacknowledged yet shape the course of our connections.

About The Author:

Meet Shriya Monga a 25-year-old PhD candidate in Economics and a passionate educator at Chandigarh University. With a penchant for vibrant colours and an introspective mind, Shriya brings a unique lens to the world of storytelling.

As an avid reader and an overthinker, She crafted “Whispers of Unspoken” without conventional characters or a linear plot. Instead, the book is a canvas of emotions, reflecting Shriya’s keen observations of human behaviour.

In her world, the drama lies in the untold stories of individuals, making “Whispers of Unspoken” a captivating exploration of the human experience. Join Shriya on a journey beyond the ordinary, where every emotion speaks louder than words.


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