Book Review Pravah

Author: Stuti Srivastava
Genre: Poetry
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Pravah is an anthology by Stuti Srivastava the book is beautiful compilation of several poems and stories from different authors. The title Pravah is a Hindi word which means “FLOW”. The book contains 26 poems and six stories, all the poems and stories are placed under different headings each heading has a meaning in itself the book also has an eye catchy, colorful cover and looks amazing.

Theme and Content

As it is a compilation of poems and stories from different topics the book doesn’t represent or revolve around a particular thing rather it covers different emotions and phases of life such as childhood, motherly love and patriotism.

That’s not all there are six beautiful stories at the end which are written on unique topics like superstitions, struggle, courage etc. The stories are the cherry on the top which makes the book more interesting.

The author Stuti Srivastava has systematically organised the whole book under several sections. Every poem and story is arranged in such a beautiful manner that it does justice to the section. Indeed the book will make you flow in the sea of emotions.

Out of all the poems I loved were “Mere Sapne” by Jyoti Bajpayee and “Mere Antardwand” by Rajkumar Vishwakarma and “MAA” by Sandhya Karnakar. The first two poems are from the “Anubhuti” section where I loved the way these poems describe one’s dream and the inner conflicts. The words used where so apt that made me connect to the real situations which one faces during the course of life. The poem “MAA” is a Masterpiece from this book which brilliantly pictures motherly love and one can feel an instant connect.

Apart from these rest all the poems are also impressive. Their writing styles are amazing and it would make a deep impact on the minds of readers. The way and the perspective through which these poems are portrayed is something unique and different from others. This makes it stand out against all odds. I find the content and style very serene simple yet powerful.

Readers Connect

Pravah the title in itself defines how a reader would flow through the roller coaster ride of emotions from many different phases of life. The choice of words and the style of writing is so suitable that creates a real feel and connect. The wave of emotion that has been sculpted with every word is very strong. Apart from being the best poetic lines the thoughts and the message which author want to convey is beautifully portrayed. The language is simple and also pleasing.


This book touches upon many relevant subjects on various topics. These poems would touch the soul through their vivid emotions which are beautifully penned down. A Remarkable book – much interesting than I imagined. All the topics have been given adequate attention which makes this book perfect one. I’ve found this book has a strong hold on one’s imagination. I would urge all the readers across to read this gem at least once and let themselves “FLOW” in a sea of emotions.

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