Book Review My Precious Dreams

Author: Rajan V Kokkuri
Genre: Literature & Fiction
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About the author

Rajan V Kokkuri is the author of ‘I REMAIN FOREVER YOURS’ published in March 2019. ‘My Precious Dreams’ is his 2nd book. This book is a fiction based on his memories and dreams. He believe we need to fulfill our dreams if it is possible, certain un-full filled dreams he wished to pen down for others to know at the same time he does not wish to forget his nostalgic memories. Rajan has been a vivid traveler and ranks among top ten percentage of travel review writers in Oman. Kokkuri also regularly writes answers in Rajan’s audio story was featured in Facebook Kathasagaram episode conducted by Muscat Arts. The author’s story ‘Love Once Again’ have been selected by Literatureslight Publishing, Nagpur & article about lockdown by Buuks Publishing, Chennai for their upcoming books on Lockdown. Author’s planning to publish a Malayalam short story by name ‘Nan Nadanna Vazhikalil’ Rajan hails from a village by name Attoor in Thrissur Dist. of Kerala.

“Seldom one can remember a dream & how nice it will be if we can convert them to a story.” – Quote from the book.

As the quote suggests – My Precious Dreams by Rajan V Kokkuri serves a set of stories that are amalgamation of his dreams, words and creativity.

There are 5 stories in the book that are like slices of his life in variants flavor and feel. Each story has a nature and zone of its own that can charm you.

The first story is “The Rare Foot Steps” – It give me the feel like that of a tribute to his father; he reminisces the memories of his father, the pride he holds for the person that his father is and the influence this figure cast on him over the course of his life , over varied phases of it.

The story is beautifully written, with glimpses to his familial background and an interesting set up to the premise of each phase. Another point I liked about the story is how each person, even if a passerby in this recollection have their own share to convoy through or in between the lines.

The second story is “Love Buds in Bloom” -This would be more of a youthful love story with its naivety and charm. A train journey sets up the premise to this story which I believe added a brownie point to the narration. The campus setback is quite interesting too. In a liner, the story is – how the narrator met his lady love.

The third story is “By 2 Coffee Again” – I started with the thought that maybe they missed a ‘u’ in ‘by’ BUT! I was wrong; the author here is indeed taking you to have ‘a by 2 coffee’. This story is dedicated to friendship, sincere friendship that stays for life. A heart-warming story that could take you down the memory lane.

The fourth story is “Destiny” – The shortest one in the set I think – but, in a subtle yet impactful way it conveys what is to be convoyed – sometimes – events happen for a reason and they could be what your destiny holds for you.

The final story of the set is “Will I See Him Again?” – pretty good one to end the collection, I must say. Another short one, but packed with emotions and feelings – the title itself is giving a bit away, isn’t it?

I am not going to disclose a bit so that the package stays put for the reader!

Overall, it was an engaging ride with the book, beautifully crafted characters and well delivered stories but I think it could do better with a round of editing or revision; maybe it is the compilation or so, there were typos, grammatical errors and disorder in stories from the index that it first shared. With how beautiful the stories are, this was a bit of a let-down – other than that – the author indeed did a commendable job.

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