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Author: Dr. Ritu Sharma (PhD)
Genre: Non-Fiction
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The book is an assortment of stories, poetry, verses, in Hindi and English. An effort made, definitely yes, but as she penned, the words, irrespective the language, with much ease and no requirement of garnishing kept pouring from deep within her soul. Each word here is a part of her, lived by her, felt by her, not visualized but as seen by her heart without a veil of any sort.

It is almost a travesty that in our race to become globally aware, we often skip over the significant contributions of our own culture and roots. Here’s Kuch Lafzon Kee Zindagani Reminiscences, the book of gratitude, love and wisdom.

A very heartwarming collection of stories, verses and poems. The Hindi versions of the poems have a certain lyrical quality to them while words play hide and seek tugging at your heart strings. Ritu’s verses contain so many themes and each of them have a charm of its own. Love, sadness, existence and identity are some of the themes which reoccur in her work. The kind of spirituality and positivity which echoes from his words is simply awe inspiring. The thing I loved the most about the book is the mixture of Hindi and English words. The book was crisp, something I always look for in a book. Some of the must read poems are “Ek Neyi Subhe”, “Zindagi aur Kuch Bhi Nhi”. Every chapter, every para, every word is written with so many emotions and it is all so inspiring.

In the starting author talked about “why Reminiscences” and beautifully wrote “Reminiscences is the window which I always wanted as a peep into my yesterday’s giving me the strength of acceptance and confessions”. From this collection of such amazing stories my personal favourites are “Confessions” and “The Ordinary Girl”, where she talked about life, truth, women and feminism. I find it a place to find not only deep wisdom but simple guidance on daily life, it restores my spirits and my soul. This book will tell you about habits of the mind that determine the quality of our life take time and patience to build and maintain. Especially when we are conditioned to thinking in a certain manner. The language in this book may be a little difficult follow at first but the idea is crystal clear. You create your own happiness and suffering. You are responsible for the person you are today. So take charge of your life. This book is insightful, poignant and deep. For anyone who is seeking self-development and understanding, this is a must read. The title of the book can’t be better than this. The cover is aesthetically pleasing and very eye catchy. Poetry is not everyone’s cup of tea. So let the ones who are addicted to coffee with the newspaper remain submerged in their world of pass time.

In one line, I learned a lot from this book, which I can further practice to live a peaceful and beautiful life ahead. And this is what makes this book worth reading.

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