Book Review Kumudini

Author: Dr. Tara Singh
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About the author

“Kumudini” is the 9th story-book compiled by Dr. Tara Singh, renowned Litterateur and story-writer. It deals with 21 stories, full of mysteries and happenings in and around us, involving grief and pleasure, ups and downs, social and family life complexities put forward by the author in a lucid and conclusive manner, consistent with our moral values and social traditions. After going through Dr. Singh’s stories, it is rather difficult to ascertain whether they are based on imaginary or real incidents. She compares them with earthen lamps being made to float from a river’s bank to a particular destination. While some retire at the bank, some are diverted towards other bank, some others are swept away by the current to unknown destination and some sink and get destroyed on the way. They never reach the specified destination though contrarily claimed by the lamp’s donor. Let the almighty endorse her belief.


Kumudini by Dr. Tara Singh is a compilation of 21 beautiful stories. Dr. Tara Singh is a renowned author and PhD degree holder in Oriental learning. This time she comes up with an amazing compilation of 21 stories. These stories represent different phases and emotions of life. The author presents the various situations which one faces in the course of life. The cover of the book seems attractive as it is very eye catchy.

Theme and Content

As it’s a compilation it consists of 21 different stories which are all combined together and written in this book. These stories represent different aspects of life like pleasure, pain, grief, the mysteries and many more. Each story is unique in its own way. It’s a compilation so it doesn’t revolve around a particular topic rather it gives superficial touch to different emotions in life. Each of the story is arranged in a beautiful way that will make you dive in a pool of emotion. Once you start reading it there is no coming back. The book is simply unputdownable.

Out of all the stories I like the most was “Aatmdurg par bade kade pehre the”. It’s a story of a careless, carefree and fun loving person Ram Badan. This story revolves around his journey of self-realization from a very small incident of day to day life. The author successfully picturizes a very small incident of daily routine with such a meaningful and powerful presentation that has tendency to change readers aspect of seeing life. The author, in a very simple yet effective manner conveys a strong impactful message through the story.

There are several stories in this book written in a lucid but effective way. All these stories are beautifully put together and arranged systematically and the messages through them has been picturized so well that the readers won’t find it intriguing.

Readers Connect

The title of the book is catchy this will attract the readers to know more about the book and what’s the actual content in the book. Coming to the content, the readers would actually feel a personal connect to almost all the stories. The stories are so beautiful that it will construct a wave of emotion with every passing page that will make readers stick to it. The use of several beautiful words of Hindi and Urdu make this book different from others.


The author has penned down vivid emotions of life and compiled them all together into the book. It was actually much interesting than I had thought. There are various stories which have a good hold over one’s imagination. All the stories are given adequate attention. Her writing style is what I liked most in this book. I would suggest the readers to read this Masterpiece as each of the story has its own unique touch.

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