Book Review Lyrical Waves

Author: Sonali Ganguly
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About the book

Every passing moment leaves us with some thoughts to probe deeper. It only needs a silent mind and a sensitive heart to respond to it. The passing days and experiences in life impart silent messages to every sensitive heart. This book is an attempt to respond and capture those passing thoughts. It is a collection of some quotations and short-poems that express author’s perception of life.


Lyrical Waves a collection of quotations and short poems by Sonali Ganguly is a book which contains various different poems and quotations all compiled together and written in this beautiful book. The book is quite unique in itself as it gives a vision of author’s way of seeing different things in life. The cover of the book looks good and attracts attention. The author Sonali Ganguly has worked in more than 20 anthologies and she is a writer of “Does life really moves on” which was featured among the top hundred debut novels of India.

Theme and Content

Each page of this book has been illustrated in a unique way. The book starts with several different quotes in English and Hindi language followed by some beautiful poems. The quotes are so powerful that depicts vivid emotions amazingly that too in a certain way where a reader would feel personal connect. The compilation is really amazing and arranged in a very systematic way with every page reader would flow through the imagination of Author. There are various quotations in this book which are a very strong message in themselves. Each quotations feel complete in itself but they would make a reader connect to his own life experiences. There are many instances in life where one fails to describe them in the words, the author has effectively written those situations in this book in the form of quotations. One of the most amazing things one would find in this book.

Not only this but the quotations are followed by several beautiful poems. They are written in the best poetic lines possible. The po

Readers Connect

The collection of quotations and short poems is very beautiful which is not just a perception of author’s vision towards life but it would also convey important life lessons. The choice of words and writing style is lucid which makes the book interesting. There were few poems which made me connect to my own life situations which I faced during ups and downs of life. As a reader I am very impressed by this poetic masterpiece. I love the way these poems describes one’s inner conflicts, indeed apt choice of words.


Undoubtedly this book would not only make a Deep Impact but it will also grab the imaginations of readers. The readers would get to know a different perspective towards life which these poems depict. Though the poems are not written under any specific heading but they are given adequate attention and this is what makes it stand out against all. I personally liked the illustrations which are made on each and every page of this book. They are very interesting and eye catchy. Surely this book would gem. I would suggest all the readers to go through it at least once.

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