Book Review Coronavirus A pandemic or Plandemic


‘Coronavirus: A pandemic or Plandemic’ by Ravi Kant is a book which will add Diversity to one’s knowledge about this ongoing pandemic. Coronavirus is a word which has affected every individual’s live across the globe. Starting from China’s Wuhan the virus is spread its access all over the world that too mere in a span of very few months. The Pandemic has caused huge number of casualties across different continents. While everyone is looking forward to a life post pandemic but still there is a question hovering around that – ‘Was it a real pandemic or Plandemic’?

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The book attempts to describe the world pre and post pandemic. What all significant changes that humanity would go through post this era has been attempted to bring in light through this book. The book seems promising where one gets to learn many astonishing fact regarding the origin of the virus. Whole book is divided into five parts with several chapters in each of them. Some parts of the book focuses on the life which was before the pandemic while some of them focus on life during the pandemic and some parts which is a kind of assumptions or let’s say perceptions that author has made from his end about the life that we would be living post pandemic.


I am impressed with all the research on history, calculations, observations and a keen eye that author has and which he has blended into this book. Indeed a great piece of research where author outlines the dominance of the two Mega Giants US and China on world economy and trade which is very effectively described .The trade war and a hoard to become superior to the other has been the root cause of bitter relations between the two Mega Giants. Before the year 2020 it seemed US was rising above all but as the year 2020 started and in a few month it seized the economy of all the countries with the outbreak of Novel coronavirus. The information is still unclear that “Where exactly the virus originated?” No doubt the amount of effort and research which author has made in this book is not just impressive but astonishing too.

The author has made extensive research on Chinese history where he describes about the ideologies which shaped the future of present China. The author also describes how the Chinese communist Party CCP played an important role in the making of Nation. And he further describes how the present ruler wants to expand his leadership beyond the boundaries of China.

Not only this, author has made many interesting assumptions about the future of mankind i.e. Artificial Intelligence, Robots and Tech surveillance and how growing technology might lead to a completely new civilization run by machines.


The book puts forward pre and post aspects of the pandemic on mankind and economy of the world. The writing style of the author is lucid yet effective. The book touches many relevant subjects on various topics. Each part has been given the adequate attention. This book gives a simple yet elegant glance of the situation which will be after this pandemic. I must recommend all the readers to go through this book because it’s not just only talks about the current situation but it gives an idea of what the human civilization will be post Coronavirus.

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