Book Review Emotions Galore

Author: Kanika Muniyar
Genre: Fiction
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About the book

“Emotions Galore” is the collection of poetries that will take you to the journey of different variations of imagination and magic in words, connecting you to various corners of love, fate, hate, accidental turns, mystery, dreams and all emotions dusted in the rich captivating lines with hidden meanings and epic rhymes. Poetess will take you to the seasons of emotions scribbled, sitting between the greenery, sleeping in the nature bed and near the window seat where winds touch and poetries beat. A great grab for teenagers to feel the flavorful impressions of relationships portrayed with the poetic pen. Get ready to feel, relate and roll on the roller coaster of this beautiful narration where poetries speak.


Emotions galore by Kanika Muniyar is a set of intriguing poems that will probe you to travel through a world of words and imagination. The concept of the poems varies through love, fate, hate, mystery, dreams, life and so on. The scheme and style of poetry is commendable. The poems hold a spellbinding power. Beautiful words aligned and weighed to create magic, that is what I felt while reading this set of poems. The poems as you read will roll out of your tongue with rhythm, they are brilliantly written as such.

The meaning of the poem, the context to read between the lines and the underlying feelings would easily touch you. You could easily comment that as said in the blurb, these poems are truly captivating, there is elegance in those words. The strength of the book is that, each work by the poetess will pull you into the world it creates in an effortless way. The after taste each poem leaves behind is very much enjoyable.

The book covered design is very beautiful. Any poetry lover would surely be happy to grab this book so do any other reader. The book would serve as a good choice for recitals too. Overall it is an amazing work, worth the pick!

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