Book Review Luck in a Locket

Author: Akshara Gupta
Genre: Fiction
Paperback: Amazon

The Book

Luck in a Locket: Medieval Misfortune is a fantasy novel written by Akshara Gupta, a 13 year old young author from Mumbai. She has set writing at different level as a young girl of her age has done a great job she has set the standards high. She has successfully produced quality literary fiction. The book offers addiction one must be careful here, once you start reading it you want to read it more and more.

Key Characters

The novel revolves around Alison and Juliana, the adventure of these two noble girls begins when Alison found a book, which led them to find interesting characters like Stacey and Stevie. There are many other characters in the novel, but these four I found very interesting. Alison is my personal favourite as she cracks a lot of jokes in between.


The plot revolves around Alison and Juliana and their adventure, the journey starts as Alison found a book which has a lock on it and has no key to open it. She takes the book to Juliana in the hope if she could open it. The twist comes when a man come cross them and gives a locket, this locket changes everything. Every time they find a solution more question arises, here I have to applaud the author because she has kept the story interesting and maintained it to the final page of the book, kudos to her.


Wisely crafted and very well-written. A reader-friendly fantasy fiction with standards very high which makes Akshara sit on the top of the usual fantasy fiction writers. As a young girl she has impressed me. The style of writing is elevated and readers who belong to a literary background will surely love reading it!


I will keep my rating to 4/5, author Akshara has done a remarkable job. I will surly recommend readers to read it and to those who love fantasy fiction guys what are you waiting for grab your copes now. GO GRAB IT HURRY!!!

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