An Interview with Monika Khatwani

Book: Life Skills for Adults

Genre: Self Help

Biographical Info: Monika Khatwani is a CORPORATE TRAINER, LIFE SKILLS COACH, MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER AND A COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGIST and has been coaching and training in various corporates and educational institutes. Being a postgraduate in MBA and a PhD scholar with a major subject in psychology, she has her expertise in corporate content, corporate training and mental health. Her niche is diversified as she is experienced and has worked over a decade in corporates, heading multiple departments like sales, customer service, HR, training, technical with exposure to various industries like a franchise, BPO, retail, E-commerce, technical etc. She is also doing mental health counselling in various medical institutes. She has been closely working on improving the life skills of people, helping them in achieving emotional, personal and professional development. She has 15 years of experience in training and development and has delivered training to clients globally. For more info about her, you can have a look at

Life gives you two options to face challenging situations; “Break yourself or make yourself” Choose wisely. – Monika Khatwani

Interviewer: First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the release of your debut book Life Skills for Adults. How do you feel about it? Tell us something about the book?

Monika Khatwani: It feels amazing to be able to contribute a little to society. The book of life skills is divided into five sections. The sections include knowing yourself, managing your emotions, understanding others, motivating others and relationship chemistry. This book will help you to find different emotions and behaviours that we come across in day to life or during a certain period of life where we find difficulty coping. This book helps individuals to manage emotions and guides ways to cope with different situations and handle problems and self. This book also has some self-analysis and self-development exercises which will help a lot in journalising your thoughts and emotions and finding out solutions by yourself to your problems.

Interviewer: Being a Counselling Psychologist and Corporate Trainer, what systems do you use when researching motivational and psychological topics?

Monika Khatwani: What people can connect in their day to day life and what are major challenges that people come across in managing, expressing or beholding their emotions. Also to analyse what is sabotaged in the subconscious and understand their behaviour patterns and state of denial. The whole idea is development within oneself and to be able to become solution-oriented personally or professionally.

Interviewer: What led to the idea of writing “Life Skills for Adults”?

Monika Khatwani: Individuals’ life skills are habits that help them to adapt to and deal effectively with life’s demands and obstacles. There are numerous such talents, but the WHO has identified basic life skills:
• Self-awareness
• Empathy
• Critical thinking
• Creative thinking
• Decision making
• Problem Solving
• Effective communication
• Interpersonal relationship
• Coping with stress
• Coping with emotions

All of these, I feel, maybe be learned when we are mentally stable or fit, in addition to being physically fit. However, another crucial part that is largely overlooked is emotional health, so I decided to introduce this notion, which I feel adults would be able to recognise and embrace and would be willing to work on if given adequate instructions.

Interviewer: The amount of research done in this book is remarkable and I liked the idea of adding self-analysis and self-development exercises. Let us know your version of how this book is helpful in the present-day scenario.

Monika Khatwani: We’ve all been taught to look at and analyse the people and things around us. People have been labelled and judged frequently because we have been conditioned to do so. So, as we grow older, we prefer to analyse the objects around us, but we rarely analyse ourselves. Self-analysis and self-development are essential for being a solution-oriented person. What makes us who we are is how we see the world. So, if we are continually learning, we will always be developing, which is essential for sustaining and overcoming life’s problems.

Interviewer: You are a Counselling Psychologist and Corporate Trainer take us through your corporate experience. Has it influenced your writing? If yes, how?

Monika Khatwani: A career is the sum total of all of your professions, experiences, and education. The only thing that separates work from a career is your mindset. People who desire to pursue a profession are always considering their long-term objectives. They’re considering what they can do today to make those objectives a reality in the future. I have 15 years of corporate experience managing various teams in various industries; training, grooming, and motivating them through functional and behavioural training has been my major forte. Being a counselling psychologist has brought value to my previous work since it has made it easier for me to comprehend myself and others, as well as improved my training. It has had a significant impact on my writing. There has been a lot written on the parallels between personal and professional success. While working in the corporate world, I saw that individuals were unable to grow personally, that is, emotionally and cognitively. I attempted to bridge the gap between personal and professional life with this book. I believe that we gain valuable lessons from this book and excel in life.

Interviewer: Are you on social media and can your readers interact with you?

Monika Khatwani: Yes!
Facebook: Monika Khatwani
Instagram: Monika Khatwani
Linkedin: Monika Khatwani

Interviewer: Thanks for your time! It was a pleasure talking to you. I wish you the best of luck in the future!

Monika Khatwani: Thank you!

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