An Interview with Samreen Sandhu

Book: Emotional Edges

Genre: Poetry

Biographical Info: Samreen Kaur Sandhu was born on 31st July 2005. Even as an infant, she could communicate without words. She had a strong sense of understanding and quick grasping power. Through her school years, she always made her family proud by being the House Captain, Best Debater and Best Orator. She remained best Athlete for 5 straight years from 6th to 10th standard. Since she was a little kid, she brought home medals in kathak, skating and swimming. In recent years, she has represented both Punjab and Chandigarh at the national level by becoming the State Champion in badminton. She has such a personality that she carries a positive aura that can motivate and uplift you in time of need. She displays sensitivity towards people and situations. She is very environmentally conscious and has a soft corner for nature. When she first started writing poems, her poems did not seem to be written by a teenager, her thoughts were sensible and mature. Her mother encouraged her to write more and her collection of poems amounted to a big number. At the age of 16 Samreen successfully published her debut book titled ‘Emotional Edges – A Poetic Passage through the Heart’.

“Amid imperfections,
I’m perfect like no other.
Not for this world,
But for my mother.”

– Samreen Kaur Sandhu

Interviewer: First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the release of your debut poetry book Emotional Edges. How do you feel about it? Tell us something about the book.

Samreen Kaur Sandhu: Thank you very much. I feel overjoyed and thrilled on the release of my first book. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and direction. The book contains my expressions of emotions, thoughts, surroundings, nature and life events. The poems are such that everyone from all age groups will find them comforting and relatable.

Interviewer: Please tell me about poetry? What is your perception about poetry?

Samreen Kaur Sandhu: For me, poetry is a rhythmic flow of words which emerge from the core of one’s heart. As I started writing poetry at a very young age, it comes naturally to me. It is the clear expression of mixed feelings. Poetry is endless, it knows no boundaries.

Interviewer: At the age of 16 you have successfully published your debut book. When did you start writing poetry? Do you remember the first time you wrote something?

Samreen Kaur Sandhu: I started writing at the age of 10. Yes, I remember the first poem I wrote. I wrote an acrostic poem for the word ‘Mother’ on Mother’s Day. Besides being beginning of my journey, this poem will always remain close to my heart.

Interviewer: Who is the most supportive person in your life when it comes to your writing?

Samreen Kaur Sandhu: My mom is the most supportive person in my life. Initially, I wrote poems and kept them to myself. But when I recited some of them to my mom, she was super supportive and assured me that my writings weren’t irrelevant or vague. She encouraged me to write more. She has always been by my side and given time to me and my poetry.

Interviewer: Which poets have inspired you? Do you feel yourself ever influenced by the writing style of a poet?

Samreen Kaur Sandhu: No, I have not been inspired by any poets. When I started writing, I was merely a child and was not exposed to the works of famous or contemporary poets. Even now, I do not read a lot. Thus, my writing style is of my own and I have not been influenced by any poet or certain form of poetry. Out of the handful poems that I have read, I like the poems of ‘Robert Frost’.

Interviewer: As a poet, are you satisfied with your poetry? And the same, as a reader, what do you think of your own writings?

Samreen Kaur Sandhu: I won’t say I’m satisfied. The sense of satisfaction lacks the zeal of doing more, which is certainly not the case for me. In fact, everyday I’m keen for ideas to write on and improve my art. As a reader, I think they are fine pieces of writing which are universal, immaculate, thought provoking and also heart touching.

Interviewer: ‘Emotional Edges – A Poetic Passage through the Heart’ is an impressive collection of poems. What inspired you to come up with this book?

Samreen Kaur Sandhu: After writing for all these years, I had a large collection of poems with me. When I came to realize this, my mom and dad motivated me to compile my poems and start working on the making of a book.

Interviewer: Please share any stanza you have written and you repeat it most of the times.

Samreen Kaur Sandhu: I repeat this most of the time to keep myself motivated.

Who says I’m alone?
I’m a free soaring bird.
Too boring to do the same things
As the rest of the herd.
It is often seen that miracles happen
When an unconventional path is preferred.

Interviewer: You are a state champion in Badminton. You have won medals in Kathak, Skating and Swimming, and now you are a published author. How do you manage all of these? Where do you see yourself in coming years?

Samreen Kaur Sandhu: Besides from God gifted qualities, parental support has played a major role in these milestones of my life. The upbringing of my parents, their love, encouragement and guidance has fed the demanding needs of a child like me. It is because of them that I have bloomed and continue to grow holistically. Nothing has been tough to manage as I had them by my side. In the coming years, I see myself writing better poetry, working towards my goals and doing the things that I love the most.

Interviewer: Please let the readers know about your projects for the future? Are you working on any book?

Samreen Kaur Sandhu: My debut book is just the start. I still write poems as I usually do. I am planning to write another book within the next 2-3 years which will feature both poems and proses.

Interviewer: Are you on social media and can your readers interact with you?

Samreen Kaur Sandhu: Yes, I have recently joined Instagram for the same purpose so that my readers can connect with me. Readers can find me @samreen.kaur.sandhu.

Interviewer: What is your message to the aspirant poets?

Samreen Kaur Sandhu: My message to them would be to not to give up on poetry. There are sometimes one is unable to write for several months and some days one is able to write daily. One often finds his/her writings as vague or worthless. Whatever the case may be, never lose the optimism and enthusiasm for poetry. Time, experiences and writing more is the only way to get better.

Interviewer: Thanks for your time! It was a pleasure talking to you. I wish you best of luck for the future!

Samreen Kaur Sandhu: Thank you so much. I feel grateful to God and to all the people who have made this possible for me.

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