Immortal Sands: Chronicles of Fate: Volume - One by Deepjyoti Ray

Immortal Sands: Chronicles of Fate: Volume – One


Fitting into Life by Hasina Saiyeda


Choose Your Destiny: Your One Life by Sheetu Kaushal


Pages: 185, 5×8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

ISBN: 9789391301859
Paperback: Rs.299 + Shipping (ships in 10-15 working days)
Ebook: Rs.149(click here to order, will be delivered within 24 Working Hours)


Maya, a vivacious, curious, and adventurous girl, meets Arjun a charming boy as their paths cross in Maya becomes increasingly drawn to Arjun charisma and their shared interests. Their friendship swiftly evolves into a passionate romance. Nevertheless, as their relationship deepens, signs of controlling behaviour from Arjun start to emerge. Gradually, he isolates Maya. Maya discusses about how to Arjun has changed, his possessiveness, manipulation towards maya has made her rethink about the relationship. Arjun has been isolating maya from the rest of the world. Maya discussed her entire situation about Arjun with her best friend. Her best friend guided her to think about what is happening is it what she wants. Best friends are always there to support and seeking advice Maya started to rethink and wanted to make a choice. Maya must make a choice and there are lots of question what choice did maya made.
Maya must choose something. Some people rely on destiny and some make destiny. Let us see what maya choose.


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