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Astroverse: Sci-Fi Poems by Simz


Pages: 125, 5×8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

ISBN: 9789391301774
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‘Astroverse: Sci-Fi Poems’ marks the author’s second book, after ‘Petrichor’. This book is a collection of poems composed against a backdrop of space travel and exploration, astronomical phenomena, futurism, dystopia, droids, A.I. sentience and much more. Under these themes are encrypted stories, messages, events, original characters, their thoughts, lives and activities. Laid out in verses and rhymes, each poem is supported by drawings and illustrations by the author making use of her unique and unconventional art style, as the drawings inspired ideas for certain poems and sometimes, vice versa.

About The Author:

Simran (Simz) is a nineteen-year-old writer and an undergraduate physics student. The author has been drawing and writing stories since age five. Her creative ventures include poetry, short stories, essays, miniature illustrations, comics, and building robot figurines with scrap metal and plastic, some of which feature in this book’s drawings and poems. She is interested in Space science (Astrophysics and Cosmology), Specifically, Astronomical Spectroscopy, Galaxy Formation + Evolution, and AGNs. Her other academic interests include Neutron stars, Particle physics, Geodynamo, and Micro-plastics. The author is the initiator and president of her university’s space club (a SEDS chapter) and a member of the university’s magazine team. She enjoys indulging in swimming, gym, and trekking. Art, Science, and Nature are the things that provide her a serotonin boost, apart from cats.


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