Literatureslight Launches Better Half of Diplomacy

Better Half of Diplomacy by Lekha Sreenivasan

Kerala, India, 05, Feb 2023: “Better Half of Diplomacy” is a captivating and informative read, offering a unique perspective on the life of a diplomat’s spouse. Through her travels to various countries and encounters with diverse cultures, Lekha Sreenivasan presents her experiences in a charming and accepting tone, admiring the beauty and artistry of each place she visits.

In addition to her diplomatic duties, Lekha was also an accomplished classical dancer and artist. She used her artistic talents to give back to the community by establishing Karuna Charities, an organization that helped the poor and needy in various countries, including India, the US, Kenya, and Austria. Her charitable work earned her recognition and a global leadership position as the Chairperson of the World Malayalee Council.

Lekha’s life was a testament to her versatility and determination. Despite the many challenges she faced, she remained positive and pursued her passions, including dance, art, and charity work. Through her book, Lekha provides a unique insight into the life of a diplomat’s spouse, inspiring readers to appreciate the beauty in their surroundings and embrace new experiences.

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Lekha Sreenivasan on January 9, 2023. Her life and legacy will be remembered and cherished by those who knew her and her family. “Better Half of Diplomacy” serves as a fitting tribute to her life and her unwavering spirit. We encourage readers to pick up a copy and experience the captivating journey of a diplomatic spouse.

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