An Interview with Praful Gagnani

Book: Teen Be Serene

Genre: NonFiction

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Biographical Info: Praful Gagnani, a teen who just turned 18 in April 2020 and thought to help teens for mental tranquility. He himself was involved in overthinking about stuff which really drained him away. After a myriad number of attempts, he eventually learnt the art of turning abhor into love, attachment into connection, and their importance to self-importance. Trying to write something majestic, he finally came up with “Teen Be Serene” that would help adolescents not only to shape themselves into the better them but also it will help them in reconsidering the way of thinking they have.

Interviewer: Many congratulations on your wonderful book ‘Teen Be Serene’, Praful! How do you feel about it? Tell us something about your book?

Praful: Thank you! Well ‘Teen Be Serene’ is all about emotional dealing which a teenager suffers. This book will help teens to crack the unforeseen situations and handle it with ease. A serene mind of a every teen reader is what I am through this book.

Interviewer: Praful, what is teen depression according to you? Do you believe teen emotional problems go unnoticed?

Praful: Teen depression is the outcome of emotional disturbance which a teen usually suffers. Expectations which I think is the main cause which leads a teenager to mental disturbance. Overthinking is necessary but an overthinking without any goal or without any specific task is what leads towards chaos in teen’s mind. Emotional problems usually are ignored because according to some people emotional peace, emotional health doesn’t even exist, so yes; I think many times emotional problems go unnoticed.

Interviewer: What is the main cause of depression among the youth? Be descriptive please so that our visitors know about your thoughts a little more.

Praful: According to my instinct, overthinking and overgeneralizing things lead you towards anxiety and depression. We live any moment for at least thrice. One before the happening of that precious moment; in which we expect a lot from that particular event. One at the time of happening of it and lastly at the time after it happens. We basically are story makers through our overthinking and because of it, if our expectations aren’t fulfiled we are hurt and which ultimately results into self-curse, self-doubts and depression.

Interviewer: When did you start writing this book? What was the source of your inspiration? How exactly you thought of writing this book?

Praful: I started writing this book in March 2020 during Covid-19 outbreak. I thought to write something in month of January but I eventually started in month of March. Well, my source of inspiration is a friend with whom I was close with. Both of us are great thinkers and our thoughts matched so I eventually came up with an idea to write a book about teens and when I shared my ideas and thoughts with my friend; I just received a green signal. That’s it! I thought our generation (the teens) are both a child and an adult and it is basically a toughest period which a huma goes through. Myriad number of changes, a sense of knowing people with their true colours is what we learn, so I thought to clear vagueness in a teen’s mind and help them to live a good teenage life.

Interviewer: What is your schedule like when you’re writing a book?

Praful: Honestly, there wasn’t a specific schedule about writing. I just had a thought in my mind that I need to contribute my 2 hours to write a book and eventually for round about 3/4 months I wrote it and in the month of July I completed it.

Interviewer: Who is the author you most admire in your genre? Do you feel yourself ever influenced by the writing style of an author?

Praful: ‘Jay Shetty’ is the one who admires me the most. His thoughts, his sayings are the ones which inspire me. Recently, he launched his first ever book “Think like a Monk” which changed my perspective of looking towards people around you. Yes, I feel that his writings have influenced me a lot and has helped me to shape myself into a better me.

Interviewer: What kind of research do you do, and how long do you spend researching before beginning a book? How many hours a day do you write?

Praful: I didn’t do any specific research before writing this book. There were just my thoughts, me and my sufferings along with me which eventually resulted in this outcome. As mentioned earlier, I wrote about 2 hours a day.

Interviewer: Where do you want to see yourself five years from now, in your professional as well as writing career?

Praful: I am persuading Chartered Accountancy (CA) so as per me in the next 5 years I want to clear CA and in the writing career as per now there are no plans but if possible I will try to write another script which would be a life lesson for the readers and would help them to ease their lives.

Interviewer: What is your message to the young writers who are willing to explore the new dimensions of creative writing?

Praful: My message to the young writers is that, write what you feel from the bottom of your heart and write something that should make readers think, write something that should add up some value in the reader’s mind.

Interviewer: Any message for readers regarding the book?

Praful: A small message for my readers is, if you have ever thought why only me? Why always me? I am good for nothing. Self-doubts and so on. This book will change your minds, your thoughts and would add up value in you.

Interviewer: Thanks for your time! It was a pleasure talking to you. I wish you best of luck for the future!

Praful: Thank you so much!

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