An Interview with Kanika Muniyar

Biographical Info: Kanika Muniyar is a 21-year-old author residing in Nagpur. She is a well-known English Poetess, Medico & Published Researcher in Research gate and International journal of Physiotherapy & Research.

Currently, she is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy and is a rank holder during all passing years of her career.

She is also an author of “Vibes from an average teenager” and a Regular contributor for Central India’s largest newspaper, Websites, Magazines, Youth zone, Middle space, and various English Dailies.

She has also been published in several anthologies, recently contributed for (poetry & you anthology dedicated to Dr. A.PJ Abdul Kalam. Words of wisdom & Out of the Woods- bilingual poetry collection are also feathers in her hat).

Her writeups have also been published in “Youth as Nation Builders” which is the Competitive examination book to motivate India. She is also a selected author among the top 100 authors by literatureslight and Criticspace.

She believes writing is what makes her feel lively. She is a girl with poetries in her veins, love in her heart and art in her soul. She is inspiring many youths with her self-help, motivational write-ups and stories spreading love & values all around.

Interviewer: Congratulations on the release of your book Emotions Galore, Kanika Ji! Tell us something about your book?

Kanika Muniyar: Thank you so much for the honour. Recently released my poetry book “Emotions Galore” is the collection of poetries that will take you to the journey of different variations of imagination and magic in words, connecting you to various corners of love, fate, mystery , dreams and all emotions dusted in the rich captivating lines with hidden meanings and epic rhymes. Poetries will take you to the seasons of emotions scribbled, sitting between the greenery, sleeping in the nature bed and near the window seat where winds touch and poetries beat. A great grab for teenagers to feel the flavourful impressions of relationships portrayed with the poetic pen.

Interviewer: What period of your life do you find you write about most often? (Child, teenager, young adult)

Kanika Muniyar: Being a teen now, I write most often about teenage emotions, the vibes an average teenager carries. As teenage is the tender age where we are abounded with lots of emotions.

Interviewer: How would you like to define your journey as a poet? Be descriptive please so that our visitors know about your writing career a little more.

Kanika Muniyar: Poetry is love, poetry is dream and being a poet is one of the greatest honour. I admire art a lot. My love for creativity, art and writing has turned me into poet. Since childhood i use to scribble thoughts, play with rhymes and portray all into my dairy. Then i started to contribute my write-ups into various English dailies. It was an inspiring journey, from scribbling small narration to compiling own books.

Interviewer: Who are your favourite poets? And name one book that you like most among all the others you have read.

Kanika Muniyar: William Shakespeare, Rabindranath Tagore, Robert frost & Rumi, etc are my favourite poets. Their phenomenal art is evergreen. And beautiful narration in books such as Gitanjali, Sonnets, poetries by Robert frost, etc. are breathtaking.

Interviewer: What other genres do you enjoy reading?

Kanika Muniyar: I enjoy reading some motivational books during my leisure time.

Interviewer: What is your current goal in writing career?

Kanika Muniyar: Being a aspiring physiotherapist, I get very less time to discover my passion for writing. But during my leisure time, writing is the only thing I enjoy most. I wish to explore more creative stories and poetries so that I can reach out many with my power of words.

Interviewer: Do you think someone could be a writer if they don’t feel emotions strongly?

Kanika Muniyar: I believe everyone carries a hidden talent inside them. Writing is one of the hidden talents we discover with experience. Writing itself is a feeling. When you feel something the paper automatically gets painted with words. If you think you could be a writer then Start writing today, blow your words into a paper or diary, you could be the author or poet someday. Writing your experiences is the best way to rescue & explore thoughts.

Interviewer: Are you writing other books as well? Let us know about the same.

Kanika Muniyar: Not yet, but shall start writing soon.

Interviewer: Any last thoughts for our readers?

Kanika Muniyar: Writers are the glory of nation.

My message to all aspiring writers is, Give yourself some time and space, and let your thoughts flow. “I believe writing is the best way to explore your thoughts and express yourself”.

And yes! Keep writing, keep driving your words into paper, rejections are temporary, failures are part of life but your art and talent are permanent, own it well. “Just pen down your experiences, paper is all yours to paint words”

Thank you!

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