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Book: Why – Reason for Every Action

Biographical Info: The Author, Abdul Ghaffar is an academic by nature and a business expert by profession. He holds three master’s degrees in Public Administration, M.B.A. and language and literature. He is an entrepreneur, corporate trainer and motivational speaker. He has been awarded Gold Medal in Public Administration and also many accolades in his professional career. His writing skills in poetry and educational necessity demonstrate his academic fondness for education. He taught Business Management at Arab Open University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. WHY – Reason for every Action is his first book on motivation. His masterly expertise in finance, sourcing, education, marketing and social psychology amply reflects in the book. He is currently working in the Healthcare Skills Training Institute of GE Healthcare, Saudi Arabia. Author Abdul Ghaffar is also the president of the International Board of Social and Education Trust, a social and educational organisation and member of many social organisations. His association with social organisation shows his keenness to help needy people in society. He has also associated with schools in India as well as International Indian schools in Saudi Arabia. He can be contacted via email at:

Shreya Sharma: Congratulations on your newly published book, “Why – Reason for Every Action” what responses are you getting from your book?

Abdul Ghaffar: First of all, Thank you very much. It is very exciting for me to see the response of my readers. There are many book reviews in various magazine and journals, encouraging me to do something new with high motivation.

Shreya Sharma: Your book talks about staying motivated in order to achieve one’s personal goal, so what inspired you to write a book like this? Why did you choose to write on the self-help genre?

Abdul Ghaffar: I appreciate you for reading it and observing the crux of the book. Motivation is like a water bubble. It bursts immediately. Zig Ziglar once said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily”. Self-help books are the need of the hour because of stress in modern-day life which occurs due to a gap between need and available resources. This stress is affecting, directly or indirectly, everybody in society. So, I decided to go with the self-help genre instead of novel or fiction. I have also been writing articles on the topic like “How to prepare for final examination” and “Your Child…..Your Asset” etc. So, my inclination has always been towards the self-help genre.

Shreya Sharma: You have written about Motivation Boosters & Killers, so how did this idea occur to you to make the readers aware of these subject matters?

Abdul Ghaffar: It’s like a doctor’s prescription. If there is advice for medicine then there is advice for preventive actions otherwise it will make the medicine ineffective. If you are not aware of motivation killers your energy will be drained out and you will not be able to achieve what you want to achieve. Therefore, you have seen that there is one complete chapter on motivation boosters and killers in this book.

Shreya Sharma: Nowadays, we see several books talking about maintaining motivation so how is your book different from those books?

Abdul Ghaffar: Very nice question. You are absolutely right that several books talk about maintaining motivation. I can ensure you that my readers will get lots of practical tips and tricks of motivation along with the techniques that are available in the market. Most of the books talk about how to maintain motivation but this book explains how to retain and regain motivation. Motivation is like sunlight. Everyone can have it but whether you are using it to get vitamin D or burning your skin in it. In the chapter on Motivation boosters and killers, you will find three continuous examples where we are highly motivated but it goes down as time passes. We never try to find the reason, and a year is finished and again we take a new resolution to do something big. Why do we lose this motivation while we are very energetic on 1st January of every year? Of course, there are one or more reasons for this procrastination and those reasons are hidden in your why. So, It is important to know your why and this book is ready to navigate my readers and guide them towards their destination.

Shreya Sharma: Could you please explain to us the overall theme of your book!

Abdul Ghaffar: In fact, this book is, basically a self-help book. The theme of the book is very simple and clear for everyone. It has no age or class barrier to understand. In a nutshell, motivation is the most important part of life which helps to keep active, and possessive for goals. With time, we lose our motivation level, although we get up in the morning every day, we go to the office every day, it is not because of our passion but due to external pressure. We join any company to achieve some goals but we lose our passions gradually. Why does it happen? What are the things, when we miss it, we lose interest in our job? Besides having everything in our life, we still do struggle in search of something. What is that? We, intentionally or unintentionally, ignore it. This book has been focused on ‘why’ which is an actual reason for action. The WHAT is your desire, the WHY is your reason and the HOW is your process to achieve your desire. The focal point of this book is the importance of ‘why’ which is the axis point of your life. This book is written systematically to understand the reason for every action and has disclosed many scientific facts about the mind and memory of human beings. In the last, this book ends with poetry. The purpose to keep this poetry in the last, leaving my readers in query mode.

Shreya Sharma: Can you please tell us about some of those writers, whom you follow and who had inspired you!

Abdul Ghaffar: I have fond of reading books. The area of my reading is not limited to any specific genre. From biography to novels, motivational books to books on scientific facts and fictions. Simon Sinek, Shive Khera, Arundhati Roy, Khushwant Singh, Robin Sharma are very good authors. The Ex-president of the USA, Mr Barrak Obama’s style is also fantastic. Hence, I can read books in different languages such as Urdu, Hindi, Persian, English which increase my area of interest and writers.

Shreya Sharma: What is that ultimate-message, which your book is conveying to the readers?

Abdul Ghaffar: Reason without action is meaningless whereas action without reason is fruitless. So, my reader should know their ‘why’ to know the reason for their actions. I would like to read a famous quote of Viktor Frankl here and that is “once you know your why, you can survive anyhow”.

Shreya Sharma: Besides this wonderful self-help book, there must be other projects, on which you might be working so can you please tell us about your future projects?

Abdul Ghaffar: In one of my interviews, I have answered this question. Hence, you are also asking this question. So, for you and my readers, yes, I am working on a book but believe me, quality needs time.

Shreya Sharma: Thank you for answering these questions. Best wishes for your book!

Abdul Ghaffar: You are always welcome. And thank you, too, for your great questions and hope to chat with you in future, too.

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