An Interview with Dr. Vipin Gupta

Book: What Is Consciousness

Biographical Info: Dr. Gupta is a strong advocate of international student exchange, cultural exchange and technological exchange. He has been instrumental in organizing and leading about 15 short-term study abroad programs over the past seven years. He is married to Bhakti, who is an entrepreneur who markets ethnic handicrafts online, and is active in spiritual endeavors.
Awards/Recognition: Dr. Gupta has received several international awards and recognitions, including: fifth rank All-India in 12th class national board examination, third rank in the University of Delhi B.Com. (Hons), third rank All-India in Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India final examination, gold medal for outstanding scholastic performance in the MBA program of the Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad, Japan Foundation one-year research fellowship for visiting University of Tokyo, Co-Principal of National Science Foundation funded GLOBE project on culture and leadership involving 62 societies and 170 country investigators, and Society for Industrial Organizational Psychologists Scott M. Myers award for applied workplace research.

Interviewer: Congratulations Dr. Gupta for your book. Can you please give us brief overview of your book?

Dr. Vipin Gupta:The book “What Is Consciousness” investigates the reality that gets created when we become the universe’s consciousness. Intuitively, when everything and everybody works within the limits of our consciousness, it limits the goal the universe realizes as a collectivity and each entity realizes as an individual. In our lives, each one of us seeks to become the guru, who knows it all and wishes that the others become devoted followers fulfilling our wishes. We also wish that all the objects work to make us joyful. In other words, we wish to be the magic wand that will transform the existing world into a beautiful thing with all the qualities we wish from a perfect heavenly universe. As we work to fulfill our wish to be a paternal guru, we become the consciousness that self-perpetuates the universe. In the interim, we become the child medium for making the consciousness of a paternal guru the soul of the universe by superpositioning our consciousness, thus shaping both the totality of the two layers of consciousness into each entity’s essential nature. Mother Nature moderates the mediating “personal force” of each of her children with a maternal consciousness of the reality she is multiplying by reproducing each entity over time. Therefore, our primordial grandmaternal consciousness comprises three layers of consciousness, superpositioned over the “self-luminous element” that lets us manifest a reality beyond our maternal, paternal, or child consciousness. By cleansing our primordial consciousness, we become a self-luminous entity. By unifying our cleansing grandmaternal consciousness, we can be the primordial greeter who gifts the varying forms of consciousness to the universe, free from any influence.

Interviewer: What is this so particular about 12 books project?

Dr. Vipin Gupta:The energy value of the self-luminous element, our primordial consciousness, and I as a self-luminous entity is 12. There are 12 months in a year, 12 hours in a day, 12 hours in a night, 12 zodiac symbols, 12 astrological signs, and 12 astronomical bodies (eight planets, Sun, moon, dark matter, white star).

Interviewer: Don’t you think it as a little cumbersome to publish so many books at such small interval?

Dr. Vipin Gupta:In an average 48 hour period, Bollywood publishes six feature films, and Hollywood publishes three feature films in a pair of days. Isn’t that quite a lot cumbersome for everybody? If everybody considers that as cumbersome, there will be no audience, and the interval for publishing (releasing) a movie will increase. However, if different people are involved in different feature films, it is possible to reduce that interval further. Similarly, while some people will be interested in reading all the books that I am publishing, others would be interested in extracts or parts that cut across different books. Each book offers a different dimension of reality using diverse perspectives.

Interviewer: There is a lot of information about divinity, deity etc. How do you describe divinity? Not as an academician but as a human.

Dr. Vipin Gupta:Divinity is the impact we have on anything or anybody, including ourselves. If something or somebody makes an impact on us, we experience that divinity of entity making the impact using a thing or a body as a medium. We conceive that entity as a deity.

Interviewer: As an author, how do you conceive ideas for your books?

Dr. Vipin Gupta:I have mastered the technique of oneness with Mother Nature, being in intuitive sync with the time unfolding before us. Therefore, the ideas become self-luminous when I devote my attention to the thing that needs to be illuminated to understand the reality hidden at the moment. It makes me free from the limitation of having an idea to write something. When one writes based on ideas, the reality one discovers is not the factual reality but the ideal reality, mediated by a theoretical reality.

Interviewer: This is your fifth book in the series. How is the series performing till now? How is the response from your audience?

Dr. Vipin Gupta:Each book in the series is performing its natural role. The sixth book in any original series is the destroyer factor, which destroys the misconceptions people have and creates space for the seventh book to illuminate reality. The eighth book liberates people from conventional notions. The ninth book begins to create devoted followership of any author’s work. The tenth book shapes the engaged audience into masters, empowered to comment on the work and mediate the research for the benefit of others still disengaged from the reality of the work. The eleventh book becomes the foundation for the work that others are doing. The twelfth book brings the work in sync with the discoveries the universe is making. I have just published my sixth book. Let’s revisit the question after this series is complete.

Interviewer: This whole concept has an inkling towards life after death. Do you personally believe about life after death or about the seven births?

Dr. Vipin Gupta:There is no life after death. One enjoys a life phase as an animate entity and a death phase as an inanimate entity. During the life phase, one takes seven births: as an egg, child, youth, aged, dead but animate as an astral body, hibernating to cleanse the psychic linkages for reincarnating with a new consciousness, cleansing the new consciousness that is an effect of the person one became over the past birth and enjoying the mass consciousness of the body where one incarnates as a cell. Few cells get the opportunity to fertilize as an egg that divides itself to grow seven body layers (physical, intellectual, mental, astral, etheric, and causal). Those who don’t become the atoms. An atom is the death phase, free of all the seven bodies but inclusive of the self-luminous entity that each one of us is.

Interviewer: How can you teach consciousness to a layman?

Dr. Vipin Gupta:Consciousness is the soul. We embody the soul of other entities. We also disembody our soul as the consciousness of other entities. The soul is the personal force of an entity. Our personal force includes our effect as a person, in diverse forms, such as conscious decisions, para-conscious imagination, our virtues as a self-luminous entity, and our intuition guided by the balance of our consciousness that naturally shapes our excellence in manifesting the desirable reality. Our personal force makes us the creator factor, creating our desirable reality using our consciousness as a medium. We are not the soul, but a part of us becomes the soul, the consciousness guiding the others while being guided by their consciousness.

Interviewer: You are a management guru. How do you think this whole project can help an organization to grow?

Dr. Vipin Gupta:Knowledge of the techniques for cost-effective growth is the secret mantra for any organization to grow. Strategic awareness of the knowledge that exists in the universe mitigates the cost of knowledge discovery, research, and development. Today, about 40 percent of the budget is devoted to knowledge management in leading universities and nations. Healthcare is so costly because it used to take $1 billion to develop each drug at the turn of the 21st century before Indian firms offered their expertise in drug discovery. Similarly, new technology products are very costly and beyond mass reach. Therefore, the organizations are forced to devote another 40 percent budget to managing diverse generations of products, inputs, and processes. By creating the common knowledge of the secrets of Mother Nature, we will be able to do things at a fifth of the cost that we do today. Growth will be natural and effortless.

Interviewer: Lastly, do you think the present scientific fraternity is falsifying human abilities?

Dr. Vipin Gupta:Indeed, in the garb of deifying human abilities, the present scientific fraternity is falsifying them.We have been unable to solve the major social, human, ecological, economic, national, and psychological challenges and are experiencing a growing divide on these dimensions within and across nations. The solution lies in a holistic approach for advancing science by bringing metaphysics and cultural wisdom to the table as well.

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