Why to Die Before a Try by Ashutosh Sharma

Why to Die Before a Try by Ashutosh Sharma


A textbook on: Pharmacotherapeutics

A textbook on: Pharmacotherapeutics

Humanities 2.0 – TechHumanities


Pages: 183, 6×9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

ISBN: 9789391301842
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Humanities 2.0 – TechHumanities: Intersection of Humanities and Technology

“Humanities 2.0: The Intersection of Humanities and Technology” examines how technology is changing humanities fields. The book defines and explores “Humanities 2.0,” charting the history of the humanities and how technology has changed study, research, and cultural preservation. Philosophies of technology and transdisciplinary approaches to humanities and technology studies are covered. The book covers digital humanities methods like digital archiving, data and text mining, and digital mapping. This book discusses the emergence of digital learning environments and the use of technology in humanities classes. The book also discusses how digital media affects cultural expression and public involvement, as well as the digital divide, data privacy, and algorithmic biases. Dr. Preeti Oza shows how technology may improve humanities research and teaching through case studies and practical implementations, as well as the obstacles and future directions of TechHumanities.


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