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Pravin has completed his professional post graduation – Company Secretary from Institute of Company Secretary of India (ICSI) Delhi. Along with he has additional qualification LLB, BBA, M.COM, B.COM. Currently, he is owner of Practicing Company Secretary Firm named as Pravin Shingade And Associates located at Khamgaon, Maharashtra. He is also a member of Team Drushtikone as a Motivational Speaker. He is a Dedicated, Ambitious, Self-motivated and Energetic person who has an inbuilt quality to stay always happy and says that Don’t Take Tension, Only निवांत जीवन.

Interviewer: Congratulations for the release of your book – Pravin Haribhau Shingade ji! What inspired you to write this book, and what message do you hope readers will take away from it?
CS. Pravin Haribhau Shingade:
When I became the member of Team Drushtikone as a volunteer from that journey I got inspiration to write book. How will your name remain immortal in this world even after death? That’s message I hope people take away.

Interviewer: Could you tell us more about the four aspects of life that the book explores and how they can provide a new vision towards life?
CS. Pravin Haribhau Shingade:
What are the four aspect of life cannot be explained in the few words but you will realize after reading this whole book. We can also become an inspiration or role model to someone else. This vision can be get in our life.

Interviewer: How do you believe the book can help readers change their mindset and build their inner spirit?
CS. Pravin Haribhau Shingade:
No matter how much someone else tries to change your mindset and awake your inner spirit, it is of no avail, we have to do it ourselves. But there are lots of examples are given in this book to awaken you and your efforts which are helpful to change your mindset and building strong inner spirit.

Interviewer: In the book, you mention the importance of willpower in leading a valuable life. Can you provide some insights into how the book helps readers improve their willpower?
CS. Pravin Haribhau Shingade:
Even the smallest things in our life can awaken our will power, if we have a positive attitude. There are many real example are given in the book like Arunima Sinha, Wilma Rudolph and Shahid Bhagat Singh etc which helps readers to improve their willpower.

Interviewer: What led you to choose the title “Eka Jeevanatil Char Janma” for the book, and what message or curiosity do you hope it evokes in readers?
CS. Pravin Haribhau Shingade:
The title “Eka Jeevanatil Char Janma” is based on the lives of all successful people in the world and how they made their name last in this world even after the death, what did they do that helped their name to be immortalized forever in this world. I hope that readers try to remain their name like other successful people and become immortal.

Interviewer: As a practicing Company Secretary and motivational speaker, how has your professional background influenced the concepts and ideas presented in the book?
CS. Pravin Haribhau Shingade:
The idea and concept of my book came to me during my graduation, so my professional life background does not influence it much.

Interviewer: Could you share some examples or stories from the book that illustrate the idea of taking action and conquering the world?
CS. Pravin Haribhau Shingade:
There are so many example mentioned in the books, not possible to explain here in few words but if you understand the answer to “Who are you and what is your existence in the society now ?” then you will surely conquer the world.

Interviewer: How do you believe readers can apply the teachings from the book in their everyday lives to become more positive, focused, and successful?
CS. Pravin Haribhau Shingade:
If readers are decided their aims in the life, I think that each and every day become more positive, focused and successful, The book gives positivity to the readers to set their goal and achieve it.

Interviewer: Can you discuss the role of dedication and ambition in achieving personal and professional goals, as highlighted in your book?
CS. Pravin Haribhau Shingade:
The difference between the time spent doing the general task of our daily life and the time spent increasing our existence and achieving goals is mentioned in the statistical terms. If you understood this then you will more aware of what is role of dedication and ambition in achieving personal and professional goals.

Interviewer: What message or key take away would you like readers to have after reading “Eka Jeevanatil Char Janma” and how do you believe it can impact their lives?
CS. Pravin Haribhau Shingade:
Do such kind of work that people got inspiration from you and want to become like you, means “करा काही असं – लोक बनतील आपल्या जसं”. This key words reader can take away from the book and it will impact their lives forever.

Interviewer: Are you on social media? How can our readers reach you?
CS. Pravin Haribhau Shingade:
I am using only whatsapp and email only. Reader can be contact me at any time through call, whatsapp and email.

Interviewer: Thanks for your time! It was a pleasure talking to you about your book. I wish you best of luck for the future!
CS. Pravin Haribhau Shingade:
Thank You very much to all of you for your valuable support.

Buy book: Eka Jeevanatil Char Janma / एका जीवनातील चार जन्म

Buy on Amazon: Eka Jeevanatil Char Janma / एका जीवनातील चार जन्म

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