An Interview with Sindhu Nandakumar

Book: Musings

Genre: Poetry

Biographical Info: Sindhu Nandakumar is a bilingual author with a current record of 21 publications in English & Malayalam. Her written genre of publications includes novels, poems, short stories and psychological handbooks.

Even when she was actively working as a psychotherapist and a business consultant, she pursued her passion in creative writing and painting. To promote budding authors she established an online publishing house known as the Pens & Scrolls.

Within a span of three years the publishing house made its mark as a global publishing house with the publication of four online magazines named Learn-Easy, E-Mag, and Live-long & Yaatri. Along with Pens & Scrolls, she is also the founder of many other organizations like Svaastika (an NGO initiating the concept of well-being), B-zolutions (a multinational business consultancy), Vlog-HD (an online media channel) and Mindspa, an online counseling portal.

Interviewer: The first question of this interview to you – Please tell me about poetry? What is your perception about poetry ma’am?

Sindhu Nandakumar: To me poetry is that rhythmical representation of the poet’s most sublime thoughts.

Interviewer: When did you start writing poetry? Do you remember the first time you wrote something? What was the source of your inspiration earlier? Did it change with time?

Sindhu Nandakumar: My journey into the world of writing started at a very young age. I recollect having a small 200 pages book filled with poetic strands when I was 9 yrs old. My biggest source of inspiration was and will be nature especially rain. I would call rain my first love. I have written more than 80 poems about rain in English, Malayalam and Hindi yet every time I see rain, my desire to write more about rain pops up and the funniest part is no two poems about rain has any mood repetitions. I believe that for anyone who loves to write inspiration is all around. We get inspired even with an empty stained tea cup or a look from a passerby.

Interviewer: Which poets have inspired you? Do you feel yourself ever influenced by the writing style of a poet?

Sindhu Nandakumar: I have never been a great reader. I admit that it’s a shortcoming. Though I wish to rectify that trait, I got to admit that I don’t have many poetic mentors right now but still I do remember a few lines here and there from the poems I read back in school.

Interviewer: As a poet, are you satisfied with your poetry? And the same, as a reader, what do you think of your own writings?

Sindhu Nandakumar: I love to express my thoughts through verses but I would never dare to claim myself as a poet. I am not the one to comment about my writings, my readers should.

Interviewer: ‘Musings’ is an impressive collection of selected one hundred and one aesthetically crafted and assorted poems by prolific and acclaimed poets. What inspired you to come up with this anthology?

Sindhu Nandakumar: Musings is indeed a blessings and an eye opener for me. It got me connected with many literary lovers and writers whom I would never have met otherwise. The concept of bringing forth many writers that too from different parts of the globe is what triggered me to come up with Musings. And at this point I am happy I took the right choice. Musings is no doubt a notable milestone.

Interviewer: Please share any stanza you have written and you repeat it most of the times.

Sindhu Nandakumar:

‘So does the truth run,
that joys of life are too small to find,
For they lie within those who seek.
So seek your joys not somewhere far,
but within our souls
For what we seek is all within us.’

Interviewer: Please let the readers know about your projects for the future? Are you working on any book?

Sindhu Nandakumar: There are many works on my publishing streamline planned within an year or so but still I am a bit more excited about an poetic anthology coming up in my mother tongue Malayalam showcasing the poetic works of many authors along with mine.

Interviewer: What is your message to the aspirant poets?

Sindhu Nandakumar: Enjoy the bliss of writing. Write for yourself and never for the world. Write as if no one is ever going to read or comment.

Interviewer: Thanks for your time! It was a pleasure talking to you. I wish you best of luck for the future!

Sindhu Nandakumar: Thank you too! Special thanks to the entire team of Literature’s light for being our publisher and giving such a great service. Also my special thanks to our co- editor of Musings Author Williamsji Maveli, Author Gurjeet Kour Ghuman for the great foreword and Author & Artist Vaishali Shriram Desaia for her beautiful artwork in Musings and the many honorable poets whose poems got selected in Musings without whose verses our book wouldn’t have been complete. Stay blessed.

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