In Conversation with Deepjyoti Ray

In Conversation with Deepjyoti Ray

Author Interview – Deepjyoti Ray

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the release of your debut book Immortal Sands: Chronicles of Fate”. How do you feel about it? Tell us something about the book?

Deepjyoti Ray: I’m thrilled to share that my debut book has received an overwhelming response. Writing has been a passion of mine since a very young age, and despite not getting published earlier, the encouragement from a few friends finally persuaded me to take the leap. The book, centered on the Immortal characters from our epics and Indian mythology, introduces two of them in this first volume. These Immortal beings play a crucial role in preventing a significant event set to unfold in the near future. Amidst this impending crisis, an ordinary boy with a troubled past becomes entwined with their world.

In the book, Samay is an unassuming man with an extraordinary destiny. What motivated you to create such a complex and relatable protagonist?

Deepjyoti Ray: As an author, my aim was to fashion a protagonist in Samay who resonates with readers on a personal level. His unassuming demeanor reflects the relatable struggles of an ordinary life, fostering a connection with the audience. Beneath this facade, however, lies an extraordinary destiny, injecting intrigue and excitement into the narrative. I wanted to explore the notion that even seemingly unremarkable individuals can be destined for greatness. Samay’s journey, shaped by his past and the unfolding events, serves as a reflective canvas for readers to consider their own potential for greatness amid life’s challenges.

Your book explores the entwined destinies of mortals and immortals. How did you approach the task of merging these two realms, and what message or theme do you hope readers take away from this exploration?

Deepjyoti Ray: I mixed myths with everyday life in my book, making mortal and immortal worlds blend smoothly. The main idea is that everyone has greatness in them, no matter the limits. Embracing your unique path is like a magical journey, showing that amazing things happen when ordinary and special parts of life come together. I hope readers feel the message that even in regular stuff, there’s room for something incredible. I want them to see exciting possibilities in their own lives. Moreover, I wish everyone in this generation learns about their culture, history, and mythology—using them as guides to tackle the real-life hurdles that come our way.

As a first-time author, what challenges did you face in bringing your stories to life, and how did you overcome them?

Deepjyoti Ray: As a first-time writer, turning ideas into a book had its hurdles. I had to find the right balance of creativity and structure. Dealing with self-doubt was tough, but feedback from my friends helped improve my work. Staying focused on writing, editing, and the whole publishing process required a lot of effort. Adapting to unexpected problems and believing in my stories kept me going. It taught me that challenges are part of the journey, and each one brought me closer to making my dream of sharing stories with readers a reality.

What books or authors have most influenced your own writing? Who is the author you most admire?

Deepjyoti Ray: Many writers shaped my own style. J.K. Rowling ignited my love for storytelling, Dan Brown taught me about complex characters, and Satyajit Ray’s captivating tales influenced how I weave stories. I admire Ray’s ability to bring cultural richness into his work. His stories remind me to infuse authenticity and cultural vibes into mine, creating tales that connect with people on a personal level. Each of these authors played a role in shaping my writing journey, showing me the magic of storytelling and the importance of cultural depth in crafting meaningful narratives.

Where can readers order copies of ‘Immortal Sands: Chronicles of Fate: Volume – One’?

Deepjyoti Ray: Readers can order ‘Immortal Sands: Chronicles of Fate: Volume – One’ through major online retailers like Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Flipkart, Google books, and the site of the publisher, which is Connect on social media for updates on availability and promotions.

Are you on social media? How can our readers reach you?

Deepjyoti Ray: I’m grateful for the chance to connect with readers. You can find me on social media platforms like Instagram (@im_deepjyotiray). Feel free to reach out, share your thoughts, or ask questions. I look forward to engaging with you and sharing more about my writing journey.

With “Immortal Sands: Chronicles of Fate” being the first volume, can you give us a glimpse into what readers can expect in future volumes, and how you plan to continue weaving this mythological thriller?

Deepjyoti Ray: In future volumes of ‘Immortal Sands: Chronicles of Fate,’ readers can anticipate a deepening of the mythological thriller, delving into the impending clash between our protagonists and the main villain of the Kali Yuga. This antagonist, a human with manipulative powers, represents the embodiment of evil. As the narrative unfolds, our immortals will stand alongside the hero in the ultimate battle of good versus evil. The stakes heighten, and the intricate interplay between mortals and immortals intensifies, promising a gripping continuation where destinies intertwine and the cosmic struggle between light and darkness reaches its zenith.

Thanks for your time! It was a pleasure talking to you about your book. I wish you best of luck for the future!

Deepjyoti Ray: Thanks a bunch! Loved chatting about ‘Immortal Sands: Chronicles of Fate.’ Your good wishes means a lot. Writing this book has been a blast, and I’m pumped for more stories. Your support keeps me going. Cheers to book adventures and a fantastic community! Good luck in all you do. Happy reading and writing!


About the author:

Deepjyoti Ray is excited to embark on his first venture into sharing one of his tales with the world. Currently navigating the financial landscape as a manager in a manufacturing company in vibrant Navi Mumbai, he hails from the enchanting city of joy and love, Kolkata.
Since the tender age of ten, Deepjyoti has been weaving stories, yet the courage to unveil them has remained elusive until now. He extends a heartfelt thanks to Ankush Chatterjee, his brother, and trusted friend, who nudged him to release this mythological thriller into the wild. So, without further ado, here it is.
Whether readers find it captivating or not, their feedback is warmly welcomed. Consider this just the beginning, with many more volumes on the horizon. Dive into Volume One and join Deepjyoti on this literary journey. Reader thoughts will play a crucial role in shaping the stories yet to unfold.
Deepjyoti is eager to hear thoughts and grateful for support as he takes this exciting step into the world of storytelling.

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