Self Book Publishing Services

We are making efforts to help writers achieve their publishing goals. We are helping them to become self published authors. We have services which full fills the requirement of becoming a self-published author, feel free to contact us for your queries. We have designed packages keeping in mind that an author gets the best for a very affordable price. Also, we have included some book marketing & author branding services which you may not get with other book publishers. Please register to get started.

Our book reviews strategy is quite simple we have connections with book critics, they will generate reviews which will be shared on Blogs/ Website/ Journals as well as on different social media platforms to boost popularity.

Reviews play a vital role to get the readers’ attention as well as influence them to go for the book. Bulk Reviews can attract and engage customers, increase sales.

Keeps your page active with consistent posts. Get likes and shares for posts, boost popularity of the page. Promotion with custom posters (2 Posts daily).
Social Media Booster: Get likes for your page, mass invites or Shares; boost needed popularity.

We will be creating a video trailer of your book based on the theme of your book, which will be shared on our video channel as well as on different social media platforms. The video trailer will be designed professionally by our team so that it can attract readers.

Host book contests on page or give aways for book promotion. Generates popularity.

Get your book available at Book fairs. Book fairs play a vital role in publishing as it brings authors, publishers, distributors and book lovers together it’s a perfect platform for book marketing.

Selling books online is one thing but many authors struggles to sell it offline. Physical Book Distribution is a service which helps authors to sell their book at stores all over India.

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