Self Book Publishing Services

We are making efforts to help writers achieve their publishing goals. We are helping them to become self published authors. We have services which full fills the requirement of becoming a self-published author, feel free to contact us for your queries. We have designed packages keeping in mind that an author gets the best for a very affordable price. Also, we have included some book marketing & author branding services which you may not get with other book publishers. Please register to get started.

Interior designing is something which authors should not worry about, we provide Book Interior Designing service to make your book attractive professionally. Our interior designers will make sure that your book easily catches eyes of a reader and give him/ her a pleasant read.

Basic Book Designing is a service for books having plain text such as fiction novels & poetries. It includes some basic styling of books like designing of header & footer, paragraph spacing, line spacing, margin setting etc. Images/ Tables should be provided by author, we won’t be designing them.

Advanced Interior Designing is a service for books having complex text such as Academic, Children books. These books require special formatting and more efforts to design. We will be processing images/ tables/ illustrations in a professional way.

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