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Simple Vocabulary for Skillful Communication

Simple Vocabulary for Skillful Communication by Dr. Swathi Chikkala & Dr. C Raghavendra

Pages: 103, 6x9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

ISBN: 9789391301347
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The entire English language runs on the essentiality of words. A wide range of vocabulary makes the most powerful speakers. Good vocabulary renders a natural flow to spoken and written communication, enhancing one’s proficiency level. It is true to state that lack of ability in using apt words in a specific context will paralyze language users. Choosing powerful words is very crucial because that will make one’s speech and writing more impactful. A learner who chooses the best words will express himself/herself much more clearly than others. This book ‘simple Vocabulary for Skillful Communication’, as the title suggests, will show a path to expand one’s vocabulary for successful communication.