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Cosmic Vibes

Cosmic Vibes
by Shristee Singh

Pages: 81, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

ISBN: 9789391301118
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Ebook: Rs.999(PDF, will be delivered within 24 Working Hours)


'Cosmic Vibes, from chaos to quietude’ is a collection of fifty-five poems by author Shristee Singh. Most of the poems are devotional in nature and bring out the love for the divinity. Many poems have been written by her are in free style. The poet has written cinquain, sonnets and villanelle very effortlessly. Poems are devotional, motivational and inspiring. It is delightful to see how she has given bref double, a French poetry style, a mystical touch in The Sapphire Saint, making it a literary gem. The acknowledgement for ‘Cosmic Vibes, from chaos to quietude’ is written by Dr Vikram Singh. The book has advance praises by Sonal Singh, Dr Santosh Bakaya and Capt Beetashok Chatterjee. The cover of the book has been painted by the author herself and portrays the picture of Lord Jagannath, the lord of the Universe. The title has been carefully selected by the poet as Cosmic Vibes, as she feels the rhythm of the Big Mind in her poetry.