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Art Bliss

Art Bliss edited by
Williamsji Maveli, Rumpa Ghosh

Pages: 150, 6x9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

ISBN: 9789391301484
Paperback: Rs.350 Rs.250 + Shipping
Ebook: Rs.149(PDF, will be delivered with in 24 Working Hours)


Our realities and imaginations - both are interconnected in poetic expressions in particular and in other art-related forms in general. We actively propagate artistic views in poetic lines. Yet we are stressed in the relationship between author-character-reader. Inevitably the discerning reader finds him or herself in conversation with an author whose central argument is about the ineffability of what truly constitutes aesthetic bliss afforded by a masterpiece of literature, and thus internationalism becomes an essential piece to the interpretive enigma. With much pride, we, administrators of AESTHETIC CREATIONS group presenting our debut poetic anthology with the title ART BLISS to our valuable readers.