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A Trip to Mohuda

A Trip to Mohuda
Sindhu Nandakumar

Pages: 145, 6x9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

ISBN: 9789391301125
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Ebook: Rs.120(PDF, will be delivered with in 24 Working Hours)


An unexpected layoff jerks Pran off his hectic schedule, forcing him to embark on an expedition to the interiors of the land. He ends up on a trip to Mohuda, guided by his reporter friend, whom he meets on the train. The travelogue sort of story soon changes its mood into suspense fiction as the hero and his group wander into the reminiscences of an ancient civilization where he experiences nerve-wracking glimpses of black magic and superstitions. Flavors of fear, anxiety, and inhibitions are sprayed over as he finds his fellow traveler realizing the essence of his current birth through unknown realms of dreams and witchcraft predictions. The novel, which starts on a typical day of the hero in a metropolitan city, later travels through strange superstitious chapters in the forest's interiors. Read on to visualize the hairpin bends that keep you rooted to the edge until it reaches its climax...